Harness Assemblies

Compass Made harness assemblies are carefully designed and built to meet our customers’ stringent standards. Most harness boards feature built-in test fixtures, and our technicians are specially trained to spot and fix any issues that arise. Our experience includes harnesses used in transportation, telecom, data, and power applications in lengths from 40 to 75-feet.

Discrete Cable & Wiring Harnesses Electromechanical System Harnesses
Built-in Harness Board, Test Fixtures, Full Electrical Testing, Complex Varies, Multi-Type Coaxial / RF Mil-Spec, Round Flat / IDC Ribbon, Telecom & Data Power Signal Communication, Tie Wraps, Braiding
To 75’ and more
Continuity, Functionality
Additional Capabilities
Drawings, Electromechanical Assembly
Production Capabilities
Prototype to High Volume
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