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Meet Elizabeth Brill

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Compass Made staffers in Fremont know that when Elizabeth Brill is asking for something, there’s often something good about to happen.

Elizabeth isn’t asking for anything big — empty shoe boxes, new backpacks, extra cans of food — but the impact in the community is huge.

Those shoeboxes are filled with presents for children and then distributed to Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. The backpacks are stuffed with school supplies and handed out to children in need. A local food bank receives the cans of food.

“I’m very passionate about giving back,” Elizabeth says. Her compassionate drive was born from a self-described “rough start,” and her gratitude for how her life has turned out.

At the Office

During the day, Elizabeth is the Senior Inside Sales Supervisor for Compass Components, Compass Made’s parent company. She’s been with the company for 13 years and has held many positions for the company.

With a small laugh, she remembers back to the days when Distribution kept inventory records on postcards and used runners to make sure that products were in stock. Today, Elizabeth and the team rely on inventory automation to help customers.

“Everything is computer generated now,” she says, “and we’re able to get products to our clients quicker and easier.”

While the process has changed, Elizabeth points out that many of the company’s product lines remain the same. “We also have inventory that’s more efficient for our customers, which is better for them,” she adds.

Bridging the Gap

Bringing her community-oriented and work life together came with a grand idea — bring the company together with a canned food drive.

“We started this 12 years ago,” Elizabeth recalls, “as a way to bring the production floor and office closer together. Whether the office loses or the production floor loses, it’s all about coming together and helping.”

The team that brings in the least amount of goods cooks lunch for the “winners.” “It’s all in good fun,” she says, “with the added benefit of having a team function and fostering camaraderie.”

At Home

A lot has changed in Elizabeth’s personal life while working at Compass — she raised a son and a daughter, became more active in her church, and now takes care of three adorable chihuahuas. It makes for a busy, fulfilling life. One that keeps her moving.

Back at work, there are orders to fill, and the annual backpack drive is coming up next month. She’s sure to make both a success!

By the way, if you’d like to contribute to the Compass Backpack Drive, please email Elizabeth. Thanks for your help!

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