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Meet Michael Poudrier

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You’ll see Michael Poudrier doing a lot of things — standing around isn’t one of them.

In addition to his full-time job at Compass Made, Michael is co-parenting two kids (a six-year-old girl and two-year-old boy), taking college classes, looking for places to invest in the community, and being outdoorsy when he can find the time.

Michael joined the Compass Made team in Deming just over a year ago, starting as a cutting machine operator on the floor. Since then he’s been promoted to engineering technician to industrial engineer and now serves as an engineering supervisor.

‘What I enjoy is the continuous opportunity for innovation and improvement,” Michael says of the Compass Made environment. “There’s always a challenge, and you can always do something better. There’s never a dull moment.”

Bringing Zuken to Deming

One of the ways the Deming facility has innovated over the past year is the implementation of Zuken into the engineering and manufacturing process.

“Zuken is my focal point right now,” he explains. “I supervise the Product Definition team, and we’re introducing Zuken, making the process better than it has been in the past. We’re on track, improving our documentation processes before the jobs hit the manufacturing floor.”

Michael and the crew are experiencing the same benefits that Zuken has brought to the rest of the Compass Made team. “Things that used to take a long time, like producing documentation by hand and analyzing the cut list, is now done with integrated logic instantaneously,” he says. “Zuken reduces the amount of time and increases the accuracy of the process by removing the human error factor.”

Outside the Office

“Being with my children is a huge amount of time, and I love it,” Michael says proudly. “Other than that, I am taking college courses and managing the investments I’ve made. That’s pretty much my life.”

On the rare free day, Michael is an avid hiker, fisherman, and hunter. “I love being outdoors in the mountains. When you live in the desert, if you can find some trees and a nice cool lake to sit by, that’s something to talk about,” he says with a laugh.

Born and raised in Deming, Michael knows where to find all those special spots. He admits with a laugh that things haven’t changed much in town. “We have a bowling alley now,” he says. “We didn’t have that when I was growing up. That’s an upgrade!”

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