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Preventing Electrical Fires Through EyeCap Color-Changing Products

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Fire safety is an increasing concern all over the world. The first line of defense for electrical fire protection at industrial companies should be EyeCap. At first glance, the EyeCap allows you to prevent electrical fires and verify completion of electrical wire connections.

Understanding the Need for EyeCap Products

Maintenance can be time-consuming. The main concern involves fixing problems in a short span of time. EyeCap is a cutting edge technology that reduces time, labor, and costs involved in industrial oversight and damage prevention. The color change can be easily detected with the naked eye and helps in reducing time spent identifying the problem. It also increases efficiency by 5 times and has an 80% cost reduction.

When the heat from electrical connections starts to exceed 80 degrees Celsius it often results in damaged components. At that point, the PVC surrounding the electrical wires will begin to degrade and create gas. Furthermore, the heat buildup will create smoke at the connecting point between the electrical wire and the lugs or terminals. As the heat passes the ignition point, the electrical wire terminal will begin to create electrical arcs which will eventually cause a fire. This is one of the main reasons to use EyeCap products, they help assemblers to easily identify faults.


EyeCap Color Change

The Features of EyeCap

  • Fire Retardant
  • Electrical Insulating
  • Electrical Arc Preventing
  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Color Changing cap

Three EyeCap Colors Undergo Heat Testing

Technique Behind Fire Prevention

The EyeCap allows you to prevent electrical fire and to confirm completion of electrical wire connections. This cap is made of temperature sensitive material and its color will turn to white when the temperature reaches 60 degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops below that point, the color will return. Because of the ease of detection, workers, supervisors, inspectors and others can quickly take necessary actions to respond in case of imminent danger.

How Does it Work?

The EyeCap is made of temperature sensitive material and the color will turn to white once the temperature reaches 60 degree Celsius. In the above diagram, the picture has been captured at three time slots. At the initial stage, the EyeCap color is red when the temperature is less than 60 degree Celsius. Slowly it starts changing to white as the temperature reaches around 60 degree Celsius. Finally, it turns completely white when it reaches 70 degree Celsius.

EyeCap in Use

Imagine the Possibilities

Are you interested in reducing costs and creating a safe environment in your industry? EyeCap will help you avert electrical fires, monitor heat generation of electrical wire terminals and even help in verifying complete electrical wire connections. The EyeCap is designed in a way that the labeled transparent body allows you see and check the actual electrical wire connection.

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